5 Mumbai Eateries that don’t need Reviews!

When you read a title like that, you would imagine what’s so special about these places? If you ask us, it is the consistency with which these places have managed to retain the flavours in the food they have served for many years.

We both have longed believed in the fact that a patron visits any eatery or even fanciest of restaurants not for its decor, music or even its service if the food served by them is not impressive enough. More so, it is the continuous attempt to make their food taste exactly the same way as you tasted it during your previous visit.

Our heads bow down to these 5 places in Mumbai who have relentlessly set the standards of their food since the time they opened their doors.

And so, in no particular order:

1. Prakash Shakahari Upahaar Kendra, Dadar (West)

This humble eatery dates back to almost 45 years when a man popularly known as Kakasaheb Joglekar from a small village named Hedvi in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra opened doors to serve simple & authentic Maharashtrian Food.


Now managed by the third generation of Joglekar brothers (first cousins) – Ashutosh, Nilesh & Ameya, this restaurant strategically located in the heart of Dadar has proved to be one of the most crowded eating hubs in Mumbai city. You may not find the venue all that fancy, menu is also more than affordable for an average Mumbaikar, but what wins you over here is simply the true Maharashtrian flavours infused in each of their dishes.

Below is what we recommend you must have when you visit the place:

  • Thalipith
  • Misal Pav
  • Batata Wada
  • Spl Patal Bhaji with Puri
  • Dink Ladu

Prakash Shakahari Upahaar Kendra, Dadar (West)
Address: Horizon Towers, Ranade Road Dadar West, Shivaji Park, Mumbai
Tel: +91 (22) 24386094

Prakash Shakahari Upahaar Kendra Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

2. Dakshinayan, Juhu

When you see an eatery having that name that’s associated with period of “fasts”, one would imagine it would house nothing but boring bland food that you run away from. But this place is nothing like that.

It’s a place full of the ‘tambrahm’ vibe. In a city that is filled with Shetty run South Indian food joints (which btw – have their own charm), this restaurant is surely a sight for sore eyes (or shall we say, good food for that hungry tummy?).

Every time we visit here, the long queues outside their doors reinstate our belief that this place has maintained its culinary richness.

We devour practically every dish listed in their menu but if we must suggest, here goes our top must-haves:

  • Rasam Vada
  • Rava Masala Dosai
  • Rava Upama
  • Paniyaram
  • Ragi Dosa
  • Appam with Stew
  • Filter Coffee

Dakshinayan, Juhu
Address: Hotel Anand, Gandhigram Road, Near Hare Krishna Temple, Juhu, Mumbai
Tel: +91 (22) 30151512

Dakshinayan Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

3. Khane-Khas, Bandra (West)

When you see a dingy looking eatery with white plastic tables & chairs, you are not going to be confident about the kind of food they will serve. But believe us when we say that none of that matters when you take a bite of almost anything you order from this place’s menu.

This small North-Indian eatery is almost 27 years of age but absolutely nothing has changed from the time the owners started it – from its furniture, to its music playlist to most important of all – the quality of food! We have a feeling they must have retained their kitchen staff long enough to ensure the consistency of flavours remain spot-on. Dishes are less greasy & laced with divine taste.

This place may not appear to a vegetrian’s delight, but it’s not like you will starve yourself completely. If you don’t visit with your hopes too high, you may get pleasantly surprised with some of the vegetarian dishes they serve.

Your Must-Haves:

  • Tandoori Chicken Afgani
  • Chicken Seekh Kebabs
  • Punjabi Chicken Curry (with Aloo)
  • Sabz (Veg.) Dum Biryani
  • Butter Naan
  • Reshmi Roomali Roti

Khane Khas, Bandra (West)
Address: 4, Silver Croft Building Junction Of 16th & 33rd Road, TPS 3, Pali Hill, Bandra West, Mumbai
Tel: +91 (22) 26006970 / +91 (22) 26054605

Khane Khas Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

4. Sai Swad Dosa, Khao Galli, Ghatkopar (West)

If you have lived in Mumbai long enough, you would have definitely tried the street food close to the city’s popular train stations. These streets often become the designated ‘Khao Gallis’ or ‘Eat Streets’ of the city.

Each of these streets will have staple stalls offering dishes like sandwiches, dosas, juices, faloodas & more. More often than not, it is the street that popularizes these stalls. However, there is one such street in Ghatkopar that has got the crowd flowing in because of this one food stall over the years.

It’s a visual spectacle to see approximately 12-14 men deployed at Sai Swad Dosa Stall to cook out 8 dosas at once using a 10-12 feet long rectangular iron tawa throwing rice batter in quick succession coupled with never-ending choice of accompaniments in different combinations & offering you the yummiest, crispy dosas of all time.

They offer you a menu with 25 unique Dosa choices each stuffed with different set of ingredients making each of them so mouth-watering that it makes you wonder if you can ever stay without eating here once a week.

Whenever you visit this stall, you will be bowled over by the sheer dedication with which the team presents you the exact same dosa that you had the last time you visited. However, be patient when it comes to the turnaround time. It’s not because they are slow in service (‘coz it’s exactly the opposite) but due to the sheer size of crowd cramping up at the stall.

When you visit must try:

  • Jini Dosa
  • Schezwan Manchurian Dosa
  • Mysore Masala Dosa
  • Pav Bhaji Dosa

Note: You can call for a ‘Roasted’ Dosa if you are diet-conscious. They make sure to offer you dosas with no oil & butter. (available upon request)


Sai Swad Dosa
Address: Khao Galli, Ghatkopar (Near Gandhi Market), Mumbai

5. Fresh Catch, Mahim (West)

So if you are a sea food lover, then this little eatery is surely to catch your eye.

Fresh Catch is one of those few restaurants that started off out of a son’s true love for his mother’s home-cooked food. This 19 year old sea-food paradise is nurtured, by the owner himself making sure that the catch is indeed fresh from the seas every day. To add to the personal touch, Francis Fernandes & his team of chefs cook their dishes using freshly ground spices for each of them. This proves to be one of the highpoints of their dishes. We reckon that once you visit this place, you are surely going to keep coming back for the not just the food but for the feeling of joy & happiness it gives to your heart & tummy!

One shouldn’t leave without ordering:

  • Surmai Tava Fried
  • Sol Kadhi
  • Fresh Catch Crab Soup
  • Neer Dosa
  • Prawns Balchao
  • Bibinca

Fresh Catch
Address: Lt Kotnis Marg, Near Fire Brigade, Off L J Road, Mahim West, Mahim, Mumbai Tel: +91 (22) 30150807
Note: Closed on Mondays

Fresh Catch Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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